Mediavision: There are 2.9 million pirates in the Nordic countries

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Sweden-based analyst firm Mediavision has produced research indicating that piracy in Sweden is highest at 17% and lowest in Finland and Denmark, both at 12%.

Percentage of video consumers engaged in infringing behavior

In total this amounts to approximately 2.9 million pirates in the Nordics. Almost half of these pirates are from Sweden.

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Read further details at Mediavision

Why it matters

Despite progress being made against piracy by law enforcement and government regulation, and championed by organizations like Denmark’s Rights Alliance, the UK’s FACT and the AudioVisual Anti-Piracy Alliance  (AAPA) in the EU and UK; piracy will be a significant issue for many years to come.

Mediavision is an independent analysis and consultancy firm, focused on analysis and strategy within traditional and digital media. 6,700 respondents between the ages 15 to 74 are surveyed every six months in the Nordics.

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