India: Google and YouTube liable for Bollywood rights infringement

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After an eight year court battle, an Indian court has restrained Google India, YouTube LLC, and their US-based parent company from hosting the works of Shree Krishna International. The company was also awarded Rs 50,000 in damages, which converts to less than US$1,000.

As for their part, Google and YouTube claimed to be providing only the communciations mechanism for the content and had not intended to infringe Shree Krishna’s works. The head of Shree Krishna had sent a take-down order to Google.

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Shree Krishna’s next step is to file for damages in the case.

Read further details in The Economic Times (India)

Why it matters

Despite the disappointing reward, this Indian production at least has won a moral victory. Google and YouTube also profited from advertising that was associated with the content while it was being hosted on those services.

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