Italy: FAPAV launches public advocacy venture, cheers 2023 accomplishments

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FAPAV, Italy’s Federation for the Protection of the Audiovisual and Multimedia Content Industries, formed a new company called LABS – Learn Antipiracy Best Skills – to assist with educational projects that promote legal behavior and communication campaigns with high ethical and educational value.

To be administered by FAPAV head Federico Bagnoli Rossi, LABS will be a wide-ranging initiative at the center of the protection of audiovisual and multimedia content in Italy with a 360-degree look, from services related to enforcement to training, communication and research activities.

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Beyond the formation of LABS, FAPAV now has 50 member organizations, the latest being Nagra.  FAPAV also blocked 264 illegal Web sites within the framework of Italy’s site blocking regulation, which went into effect in August.  Working with the Italian regulator AGCOM and Police, a new public consultation will be launched in 2024 to extend Italy’s 30 minute blocking requirement to live sports events.

FAPAV has also continued to champion legality in support of the audiovisual industry through events and communication campaigns.  One example is “Il Cinema Siete Voi.,” (“The Cinema Is You”), which is designed to protect Copyright and counter the recording in the cinema of the video and/or audio of films that are subsequently put online on illicit platforms and represents the first link in the piracy supply chain.  Another 2024 campaign, ‘We Are Stories 2,’ will be dedicated to young audiovisual professionals.

Further reading

The important year of FAPAV and the birth of a benefit company.  Press release. December 29, 2023. FAPAV (Federation for the Protection of the Audiovisual and Multimedia Content Industries, Italy)

Why it matters

“(FAPAV will continue to work with) AGCOM and the Police to effectively counter any form of violation of Copyright and wrongdoing to protect the audiovisual industries, which represent a very important driver for the economy of our country,” said Federico Bagnoli Rossi, President of FAPAV. “(Anti-piracy initiatives must be balanced) with … education and information, precisely because technological evolutions are fast and consumers need to set themselves within a single large system of access to culture: legality.

“This is why, as FAPAV, we wanted to create a benefit company in order to promote a collective development value of the audiovisual sector, offering services to combat piracy, high-quality training courses for those who wish to specialize in this sector, and promoting communication campaigns with a high ethical and educational value aimed at encouraging legal behavior,” said Mr Bagnoli Rossi.

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