Italy: Rome court awards Mediaset in two anti-piracy victories

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The Italian media company Mediaset won two piracy cases in January.

The first case, against the French online media site Dailymotion, initially decided in favor of Mediaset in 2019 was reaffirmed by the Court of Rome.

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In this new decision, the court ordered Dailymotion to pay Mediaset more than €22 million for the illegal hosting of more than 15,000 videos with a total viewing duration of 30,000 minutes. It also must pay a penalty of €1,000 per day if further unlawful distribution is detected.

In the 2019 decision, the award to Mediaset had been set at about €5.5 million.  The content had been uploaded to Dailymotion starting in 2006; some of which remained online until 2013.

The second case was against the American portal Veoh, which must compensate Mediaset €3.3 million.  A penalty of €1,000 per occurrance was also imposed.

The court also ordered each of the defendants to pay expenses, publicize the sentence in two Italian newspapers.

Read the 2021 Mediaset news release (text of PDF translated by Google Translate)

Read details of the 2019 Mediaset-Dailymotion decision (from Lexology)

Why it matters

The Mediaset news release emphasized that the combined efforts of Mediaset with local and national jurisprudence has been successful against “diverse forms of online piracy.”  It noted that piracy destroys economic value and jobs.

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