UK: Three quarters know piracy is illegal but a majority are unaware of its dangers

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Image source: FACT

A January 2021 study of 1,003 UK consumers, commissioned by FACT and conducted by Opinium found that, once warned about piracy, more than a third would advise friends and family against it.

The study noted that about a quarter of UK consumers bought or received video-capable devices over the holiday season, and that 36% of them were tempted to use them to access content for free; risking exposure to malware, identity theft, and fraud.

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Read the FACT news release

Why it matters

FACT CEO Kieron Sharp was encouraged by the high awareness level among consumers, but concerned about a “lack of understanding about the very real risks consumers face.” ┬áHe continued :I’d ask anyone considering turning to illegal content to think twice about whether it’s worth risking giving criminals access to your devices and bank accounts.”

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