Latest sentencing reflects what has become an effective anti-piracy model in Denmark

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A Danish court sentenced a 24-year-old man to 60 days’ probation for having participated in the ShareUniversity file-sharing service between August and September 2020, which was closed by police action that year.

As a programmer, according to the Danish Rights Alliance, the individual helped to create and develop the service, through which he enabled users to gain illegal access to thousands of copyrighted works, including movie, music, and e-book titles.

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In collaboration with law enforcement, the Rights Alliance investigates and reports infringements to the Section for Rights Protection within the National Unit for Special Crime (NSK) of the Danish National Police, which then conducts further investigation and brings charges.  NSK handles cases of financial crime, organized crime and cybercrime, and has its own public prosecutor’s office.

Further reading

24-year-old sentenced for developing illegal file-sharing service. News release. October 5, 2023. National Unit for Special Crime (NSK), Denmark

Mastermind behind ShareUniversity sentenced to 60 days probation.  Article. October 6, 2023. Rights Alliance (Auto-translated from Danish to English via Google translate)

Why it matters

This model was also employed in other Danish file sharing cases, notably with DanishBits, NordicBits, Asgaard and ShareUniversity; all of which have shut down. The trial against the presumably last masterminds in the Asgaard case complex awaits in February 2024.

Law enforcement and rights-holders in other countries have taken note.  Rights Alliance notes that NSK deserves to be preserved, in order to face the next emerging threat, which is artificial intelligence.

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