Nordic region: High interest and willingness to pay for regionally-produced content

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A current analysis by the Swedish consultancy Mediavision found that 46 percent of Nordic households with a paid streaming subscription say that they would be willing to pay more to gain access to a larger library of in-region movies and series.

Half of that 46% would be willing to pay an additional €3 per month, while another 23% would pay €1 or €2 additional.

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Mediavision said that locally produced fiction represents a small share of the streaming services total content supply, just 2 percent in terms of runtime.

The bulk of locally produced fiction is commissioned by local services such as Viaplay, Cmore/TV4 Play and Discovery. “Several global streaming services have invested in Nordic content, but to a limited degree,” comments Natalia Borelius, senior analyst at Mediavision.

Nearly half of Nordic streaming subscribers are willing to pay more for regionally produced programming Chart source: Mediavision

Apple TV+ was identified by a majority of its Nordic subscribing households willing to pay more for a larger supply of local content; which stands to reason since Apple TV+ has a relatively small library, compared to its’ streaming competitors, and it is the only service without any Nordic content.

Further reading

Mediavision: High Interest and willingness to pay for Nordic content.  Press release. June 20, 2023. Mediavision SE

Why it matters

While Mediavision does not correlate piracy with price in this press release, it does imply that consumers can justify spending more for content that relates to their interests (rather than seeking alternative sources) – especially if the demand is coming from consumers of a service (Apple TV+) that doesn’t offer that content.

Mediavision’s analysis concludes that Nordic TV viewers have always been very keen on locally produced fiction. This interest is clear among households paying for streaming services. Half of the Nordic SVOD households say they are willing to pay extra for a bigger supply of local movies and series.

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