At a Glance: 2021 Video Security Summit, Oct 19-20

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Register Now!  Learn from industry leaders shaping the revolution in video security.  Hear successful strategies and tactics that help identify and verify piracy, build evidence, catch the criminals behind it, win in court and influence national policy.

Day 1: Defining piracy and going on the offensive

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Tuesday October 19, 2021, starting 7:30am Pacific time. See session details and speakers (BBC Studios, Rogers Communications, beIN Media, TAG, BuyDRM, Friend MTS, Viaccess-Orca, and White Bullet)

Timing Day 1: Defining Piracy and Going on the Offensive
Start Session Title
7:30 The Forms of Video Piracy: There’s a Taxonomy For That
7:40 Big Picture: How Piracy Got To Here
8:00 The Cost of Piracy: Theft of Services and Content. Rogers Communications and Friend MTS
8:30 How Video Programmers Anticipate and Respond to Piracy. BBC Studios, beIN Media, and a Legal expert formerly with a major studio
9:00 The Rise of Watermarking with DRM for OTT Streaming: Every Stream Unique. BuyDRM
9:30 A Journey into Pirate Apps: Deconstructing a Pirate Operation That Reached 40 Million.  Viaccess-Orca
10:00 The Impact of Ad-Supported Piracy on Brand Safety and What to Do About it.  TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) and White Bullet


Day 2: Defending infrastructure and harnessing community

Wednesday October 20, 2021, starting 7:30am Pacific time. See Session Details and speakers (MultiChoice, AVIA, IBCAP, GeoComply, Akamai, Synamedia, Yahoo! Edgecast, Eurofins)

Timing Day 2: Defending Infrastructure and Harnessing Community
Start Session Title
7:30 Protecting infrastructure. Collaboration, Trends & future threats
7:35 Playing Defense: Securing a video service from origin server to network edge. Yahoo! Edgecast, Eurofins
8:00 The OTT Vulnerabilities. Synamedia
8:30 MultiChoice Blocks Unwanted Guests, Frees Up Capacity and Unlocks New Subscribers: The Inside Story. MultiChoice, GeoComply
9:00 It Takes a Village…to Fight Piracy. Akamai Technologies
9:30 Community Successes: How to catch pirates, win settlements and influence regulators. AVIA (Asia Video Industry Assn) and IBCAP (Int’l Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy)
10:00 Piracy and Anti-piracy Trends
10:20 Learnings and Conclusion


About the 2021 Video Security Summit

Hear the people on the front lines waging the offensive battle against pirates and defending service infrastructure from hackers. This first-of-its-kind online event brings together the extended family of anti-piracy allies from across the Media and Entertainment ecosystem.

Video piracy is a multi-billion-dollar industry that profits from the theft of valuable content and services, service infrastructure, software and apps, advertising, and from “the theft of you;” using a variety of business models.  Not only does piracy undermine the ability of creative professionals, content providers, rights-holders, service providers, and others to sustain their businesses; It puts at risk their ability to provide the high-quality professionally produced content consumers demand.

Video services are attractive hacker targets as they hold valuable customer data and deliver valuable content. Popular customer-facing brands like Disney or Discovery present an almost irresistible challenge. Service security is a never-ending task as hackers exploit the latest technologies and vulnerabilities, and providers plug holes and beef up their defenses to hold them at bay.

Presented by Piracy Monitor and nScreenMedia, and produced by MESA.

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