Sports Video Group Europe: LaLiga uses fan app to catch pirates

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By: Heather McLean, Editor

Source: Sports Video Group Europe

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“(The Spanish soccer league) LaLiga has been accused of illegally using its fan app to track down people pirating its content and is facing a fine of €250,000 by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD). However, LaLiga is defending its conduct and is appealing the ruling, claiming the technology and process used is part of its overall digital rights management strategy.”

“LaLiga stated it has complied at all times with the principles and requirements established (by regulation).

Read the entire article at SVG Europe

Why it matters

LaLiga faces a complex situation with unintended consequences, as it tries to strike a proper and compliant balance between its need to protect its intellectual property against regulations for privacy set forth by the EU’s GDPR.

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