Synamedia: Don’t believe your eyes – Deepfake’s impact on the pay-TV industry

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Using machine learning to undertake advanced audio and video manipulation is resulting in increasingly realistic deepfake content that the average consumer, or sometimes even an expert believes to be genuine.

While deepfake started out as simply a geek’s toy – think of it as photoshop for video – it has quickly evolved and we can already predict how it might influence many aspects of our lives.

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Why it matters

Video pirates are expected to use deepfake technologies to trick users into taking their offers. Now is the time to start developing a comprehensive anti-deepfake strategy: amending current regulations, building stakeholder coalitions, and creating innovative technologies and concepts that will help the video industry keep control and also keep viewers safe.

The industry and regulators will need time to prepare for these changes but the sooner this starts the sooner we can all take concerted action to outsmart the deepfake criminals.

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