Product announcement: Embedded DRM for Point-to-point Protection of Online and Offline Video Playback

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System integrators and device vendors can ensure premium content distribution is compliant to industry standards by enabling close proximity secure ‘handshakes’ between devices and displays.

Aix-en-Provence, France and San Diego, USA, April 1st, 2020Verimatrix, (Euronext Paris: VMX), formerly known as Inside Secure, a global provider of innovative, customer-friendly cybersecurity solutions that protect video content, endpoint devices, software and applications, has officially introduced Verimatrix Embedded DRM, a new toolkit to support the implementation and integration of embedded video security solutions. Part of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™), Verimatrix Embedded DRM offers point-to-point protection to address the gaps that occur when video content is delivered beyond the common TV, computer or mobile device connections. For example, premium content, such as Hollywood movies, require a secure connection all the way to a compliant display, such as a video player in an airplane connected to the video displays located in each passenger seat. Failure to encrypt the ‘handshake’ from the player to each display can be a compliance violation and a content protection gap.

Playback devices that are not continuously connected to a license server or otherwise reachable for content authorization and entitlement require mechanisms other than traditional digital rights management (DRM) or conditional access (CA) systems to protect the valuable content they display to viewers. For such applications, the industry has defined two point-to-point protection standards for guaranteed device interoperability: High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) for premium content forwarded to external displays or TV sets and Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) for content protection on the compressed level.

The Verimatrix Embedded DRM toolkit includes customized software libraries for integrated or installable HDCP and DTCP applications and customized HDCP or DTCP source code for compiling directly into embedded systems. Specifically for HDCP, Verimatrix Embedded DRM offers fully flexible HDCP 2.x stacks that address these use cases and meet the content owner requirements – even for 8K premium content. Thanks to Verimatrix’ significant contribution to the standardization of DTCP security, the solution is especially sought after for DTCP software integrations, which allow for secure content storage and local transfer through multiple physical interfaces or via internal data bus within a device.

“Content owners require their content to be protected throughout the entire delivery chain, including download, streaming, storage and playback all the way up to the display, but there are several scenarios in which content cannot be secured by typical DRM or CA systems,” said Martin Bergenwall, SVP of product management at Verimatrix. “Given our deep knowledge and experience of content protection, Verimatrix uniquely offers customized HDCP and DTCP software libraries and source code for playback use cases that go beyond traditional one-way or two-way communications, ensuring that any previous gaps can be closed with state-of-the-art security.’

The number of industries served by Verimatrix Embedded DRM has rapidly expanded as HDCP and DTCP standards continue to be adopted across new markets. To learn more about Verimatrix Embedded DRM and how it provides state-of-the art security and protection, please visit

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