Synamedia: Holistic Security Threats and Solutions for OTT Providers

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[Sponsored]  More and more companies are providing new streaming TV and video services to a multitude of unmanaged devices, over the open Internet.

With the content packages on offer being relatively fragmented, television viewers are increasingly subscribing to one or more OTT-only TV subscriptions.

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In their rush to get a slice of the revenue pie, many new OTT-only service providers are focusing primarily on getting their new service up and running as fast as possible. But, without adequately closing all the security holes that video pirates are so eager to exploit, they may find a substantial chunk of their potential revenue ending up in the wrong pockets.

Learn more about the OTT Video Security threats and concerns and what solutions can help combat them.


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Synamedia is a sponsor of Piracy Monitor, an independent information service with the mission to inform about video piracy: the size of the problem, how it happens, the damage it causes, what’s being done about it, and about countermeasures and practices that help reduce the associated risks.

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