TAG launches brand safety certification program against ad fraud

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Image source: TAG

The Trustworthy Accountability Group has launched the TAG Brand Safety Certified Program, with 112 initial members.  31 of them are certified for their global operations.

According to TAG, the program is designed to reduce the risk of the misplacement of advertising on digital media of all types, so all companies can help protect brand safety and strengthen the integrity of digital advertising.

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Certification requirements include:

  • Adherence to a list of brand safety principles
  • Independent review by one or more content validation services
  • Documented policies and procedures to minimize ad mis-placement

The program creates a brand safety framework for sellers that increases the value of certified sellers’ inventory and promotes the flow of advertising budgets to companies that set high standards and support for brand safety so that advertisers can buy ad inventory with confidence.

Read TAG’s press release

Why it matters

Huge losses are incurred through the theft of advertising budgets through fraudulent placement.  Advertisers also run the risk of brand erosion if their brands are associated with fraudulent Web sites or campaigns that are actually designed to do damage to consumers.

Damage can be done by tricking consumers to implant malware by downloading tampered apps, or by directing email recipients to pay for fraudulent streaming services that look legitimate.

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