Ukraine: Pirate sentenced to 3 years prison for stealing cable connections

The Ukrainian cable TV provider VOLIA reported that an unidentified pirate has been sentenced to three years in prison by the Frankivsk District Court of Lviv, for re-routing programming delivered to VOLIA’s network to legitimate customers living in apartments in Lviv, to other residents in those buildings – and then collecting a fee from these other residents.

The provider of the stolen programming participates in a Ukraine anti-piracy initiative called Clean Sky.  Volia noted that in Ukraine, 30% of consumers are ready to pay for premium video content, up 17% over a year earlier.

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Read the original press release (In English from the original, via Google Translate)

Why it matters

Theft of pay TV programming in multiple-dwelling units is nothing new. It is encouraging that Clean Sky, a Ukraine-based anti-piracy organization, is bringing results.

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