Wootcloud: Android STBs Targeted by Botnets

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Wootcloud has posted a bulletin warning of “threats targeting Android devices such as crypto mining by android malware, espionage-mobile spying by android malware against targeted audience, information-stealing android malware, and other (threats)” by targeting the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), a facility within Android.

According to the article, botnet infections have been detected in set-top boxes from HiSilicon, Cubetek, and Qezymedia.

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Read the entire article via Wootcloud

What it means

Regardless of operating system, but especially with open OS platforms like Android, operators should ensure that boxes are tested thoroughly for vulnerabilities before submitting them for approval. Operators should also verify that the agencies that approve apps and boses for commercial release have an active and current log of vulnerabilities that includes their status and documents the efforts toward resolving them.

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