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Piracy Monitor provides news and insights about digital piracy: the theft of valuable programming, services, content, advertising and its effect on consumers, rights-holders, service providers and creative professionals.

Learn more about piracy.  Piracy Monitor is an initiative of tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC), and is active in four areas: Piracy Awareness, Market Intelligence, Industry Marketing and Consulting.   

Current & recent news items

Taiwan: Freeze of $2.3 Million in pirates’ assets requested in anti-piracy case

Two men were indicted in Taiwan, who were suspected of operating a piracy operation called 8maple.ru,.  Authorities requested that about US$2.35 million in assets...

Brazilian authorities lead 250-site takedown, supported by US and UK law enforcement

Three US-based Web domains engaged in illegal distribution of stolen video programming owned by US rights holders to audiences in Brazil were seized by...

GitHub reinstates video YouTube downloading tool that can be misused to steal content

GitHub has reinstated YouTube-DL, an open-source tool used for downloading YouTube videos.  The Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) had asked GitHub to disable...

Italy: Authorities nail thousands of illegal streaming sites and social channels in huge anti-piracy...

Italian Deputy Prosecutors directed a collaborative operation by the country's Special Unit for Protection of Privacy and Technology Fraud of the Guardia di Finanza,...

Switzerland: Europol shuts down multi-national piracy operation

Europol, in collaboration with French media company Canal+ the Kudelski Group, and local authorities; has shut down a major pirate in the Lake Geneva...

UK Intellectual Property Office publishes 2019-2020 IP Crime and Enforcement Report

The IP Crime and Enforcement Report begins with the assertion that "We are moving into an era in which ... Creativity is the raw...

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