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2019: A year of awareness for video piracy

2019 was a year of awareness for video piracy.  Video providers no longer see it as a peripheral concern, but rather, a central one....

Video Piracy: Ecosystem, Risks, and Impact – Report & Global Forecast

Parks Associates: Piracy and account sharing cost US pay-TV and OTT operators more than $9 billion in 2019 and forecasted to reach $66 billion worldwide...

How secure is your smart home against piracy? It depends

Home security is an increasingly popular broadband home application, and is often available an add-on service from pay TV operators. For example, in...

UK: BT encrypts satellite transport to combat piracy

British Telecom announced that it now encrypts premium video programming that is transmitted over satellite. Video is encrypted using ATEME video encoders, which use...

Synamedia: 15% of online video is accessed using other peoples’ passwords

Investigation of two video service providers by Synamedia during the second half of 2019 revealed more than 3 million compromised user credentials available for...

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