Deepfakes have already doubled this year

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Deeptrace Labs, an Amsterdam-based supplier of deepfake detection technologies, released a report at the beginning of October saying that the number of deepfake videos detected by their platform nearly doubled between December 2018 (when they detected 7,964 deepfake videos) and September 2019 (14,678).

Download Deeptrace’s report. Deeptrace says that at least 20 deepfake creation communities exist online, which are generating deepfake content using apps, portals and marketplaces designed specifically for that purpose; for as little as $2.99 per video.

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While deepfake videos are getting lots of press as vehicles for political disinformation, an overwhelming majority of them are sexual in nature.

Why this matters

Setting the obvious societal impacts aside, Piracy Monitor sees deepfakes as a carrier of pirated video and has been hearing about the use of digital forensic watermarking as a way to help ensure that pirated video used within deepfake videos can be detected.

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