EUIPO: Report on protection and enforcement of IPR in non-EU countries calls out beoutQ

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Image source: European Commission

(Updated January 31) The European Commission has published its Report on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in third countries (aka “Third Country Report”).

The Third Country Report is similar in concept to the Notorious Markets List, which is published by the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

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Both reports single out the Saudi Arabia-based piracy operation beoutQ.  According to an article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Newcastle United, a Premier League football (soccer) club, is currently up for sale.  While that Guardian report doesn’t make this point, piracy could have an impact on the value of the club if it dilutes the value of the match programming that it sells to broadcasters.

Like the Notorious Markets report, the EU’s Third Country Report identifies and prioritizes a list of countries where there are concerns about intellectual property protection and enforcement.

The report aims to improve intellectual property rights protection and enforcement worldwide, as well as inform rights holders and subject matter experts of the potential risks when conducting business in certain countries.  The creation of the Report has been supported by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

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Why it matters

This EU report, like its US Notorious Markets counterpart, help inform non-technical audiences of the risks that accrue to rights-holders doing business in various countries, and provides examples of specific cases.  They help business, industry and regulatory stake-holders anticipate intellectual property situations in markets that they may seek to enter.

The report claims that copyright-intensive industries account for about 7% of the EU’s GDP.  It also highlights the progress made in many of the countries that it identifies as IPR risks, against digital piracy.

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