SVG: Sports pirates change tactics during the COVID lockdown

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By Avigail Gutman, Synamedia

Excerpt: During the COVID lock-down, pirates have changed tactics in an effort to replace lost earnings.  In addition to discounting their services and promoting special offers, pirates are also consulting to others on how to set up a pirate networks, and are selling complete turnkey solutions.

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Synamedia also observed a huge spike in the volume of shared and stolen credentials on sale, and pirate-on-pirate battles where pirates or hackers were offering scripts for attacking competing pirate networks as well as the usual legitimate targets.

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Note: Thanks to Synamedia for supporting Piracy Monitor as a Gold Sponsor. This article was posted by Sports Video Group Europe in August 2020.  It does not represent an endorsement by Piracy Monitor, nor is Piracy Monitor responsible for the accuracy of content contributed by third parties.

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