BBC News: Video report tells why piracy is up during lockdown

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A video report by the BBC in mid-May further confirmed surges in piracy during the coronavirus pandemic.

The report includes an interview with a 29 year-old New Yorker who attributes piracy to lack of cash; and with Andy Chatterley, CEO of anti-piracy provider Muso, who says that film piracy increased 66% in Italy between the end of February and end of March.

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Jonathan Yunger, the co-founder Millennium Films says that while he understands that the coronavirus panemic has created extenuating circumstances, he maintains that in the end, “stealing is stealing.”  Mr Yunger had also recently submitted testimony about the effects of piracy to the US Copyright Office, for its recently released evaluation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Watch the BBC report

Why it matters

This report further reinforces reports from around the world, that the theft of services and content have both increased sharply since the beginning of March.

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