Vietnam: Piracy remains high, especially among younger demographic

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Image source: AVIA CAP

In Vietnam, piracy levels went as high as 65% among the 18-24 age-group, according to a newly-released study of online viewing behaviour; and that 60% access streaming piracy websites or torrent sites.  The study was conducted by YouGov for the Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA).

Vietnamese consumers are aware of the dangers of piracy, and placed funding crime groups (58%) , malware risks (55%)  and loss of jobs in the creative industry (49%)  as their top three concerns, according to AVIA.

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Why it matters

Nearly 60% of Vietnamese consumers who accessed piracy sites went on to cancel their subscriptions to both local and international content services; clear evidence that piracy constitutes the greatest competition against legitimate services by cannibalizing their subscribers.

Piracy rates would likely decrease, if Vietnam were to implement site blocking legislation, as have Malaysia and Indonesia where there 55% and 64% declines in piracy between 2019 and 2020 when blocking was put into place in those countries.

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