beoutQ: Last-moment concerns over Newcastle United acquisition

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On May 11, the Guardian newspaper reported that English Premier League lawyers involved with the acquisition of the Newcastle United football (soccer) club by a Saudi investment fund are again scrutinizing whether an association exists between the beoutQ pirate TV and streaming service and the Saudi government.   The acquisition was said to be imminent but may be delayed as a result.

Officials of a diversity of organizations, including La Liga, beIN Media, and Amnesty International have weighed in against the acquisition.  The Premier League has not commented, and the Saudi government disclaims any involvement in beoutQ.

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Read the original reporting in The Guardian

Why it matters

The ongoing case of beoutQ continues to raise serious questions and concerns over huge losses to piracy perpetrated by beoutQ since 2017.  While beoutQ itself is apparently out of operation, serious conflicts could arise if suddenly the team and its programming are owned by an entity that may (or may not) have indirect ties to beoutQ.

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