VSS 2022: New Ways to Prevent Detect and Combat Piracy – Verimatrix

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When it comes to anti-piracy, large video providers have multiple needs, which challenge the conventional wisdom that anti-piracy is a simple matter settled by watermarking, monitoring and take-down notices. In reality, anti-piracy is about the entire lifecycle of the service, from end to end. In fact, everything is exposed to the risk of attack by pirates, from CAS and DRM to APIs and storage. It’s also about using automation to identify and rank the risks and shutting down hidden access points in end-user apps and in distribution.

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A discussion session with Sebastian Braun, Sr Director, Product Management, Verimatrix and Steve Hawley, Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

Piracy Monitor thanks Verimatrix for its support of the Video Security Summit as a Lead Sponsor.

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